Replenish the Good® Delivers Superior Survivability
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About Us


We are a small business based in Lehi, Utah, and are dedicated to providing formulas based on the best clinical data available.  Our Co-Founder Scott has dealt with digestive issues throughout his adult life- IBD, Ulcerative Colitis and Celiac disease. Due to infections, he was on continual antibiotics for over 5 years, which led to massive depletion of his gut flora. He began doing research into the benefits of probiotics and tried several products with varying success.  He was surprised to learn that many probiotics on the market do not survive on the shelf or through the stomach acid. So replenish the good® was born to offer a line of probiotics with superior survivability. We carefully select strains and use multiple patents to ensure the beneficial bacteria reach the intestines alive. replenish the good® Daily, Power, Womens and Kids formulas provide 15x better bacteria survivability than capsules. With a daily regimen of replenish the good® probiotics, Scott is happy to report that he has improved digestion, energy and mood, and has reported no further infections even after discontinuing taking daily antibiotics. We stand by our products and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! 

Formulation- We select probiotic strains based on resiliency, clinical data, and optimal potential for health benenfits.  Groundbreaking clinical data is starting to reveal the importance of the gut-brain connection in our bodies. Our proprietary formulas have an optimal balance of CFU count for each carefully selected strain to help ensure enough good bacteria survive. Our Daily and Power formulas contain all of the top strains recommended in the book Brain Maker by Dr. Perlmutter, based on the best clinical data available! 

Shelf Life- Our expert processes extends shelf life to 18 months from date of manufacture without refrigeration. Most companies won’t tell you how many viable bacteria will be left at expiration because often there are none left! We guarantee CFU at expiration, which is 18-24 months from manufacture date.

Delivery- Patented BIO-tract®, provides protection from gastric acid and time release delivery throughout the small and large intestines.