Replenish the Good® Delivers Superior Survivability
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Our Mission


Replenish the Good® probiotics.  Superior survivability.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality probiotics formulated with clinically researched strains, utilizing the best technologies available for shelf life and delivery to the mouth and gut.  We are proud of our product line and are confident they will provide you and your family with significant health benefits! 

Why all the fuss about probiotics? Probiotics are friendly bacteria, naturally present in the body as an integral part of a healthy digestive system. Living mainly in the mouth and intestines, probiotics are beneficial and essential to good health in several ways:
  • Assisting with food and nutrient assimilation
  • Inhibiting harmful bacteria and viruses, preventing "leaky gut"
  • Stimulating the immune system
  • Promoting mood and brain health through the gut/brain connection

The delicate intestinal environment typically contains healthy amounts of good bacteria. However, these bacteria are destroyed by infections, disease, poor diet, antibiotics and even stress. Supplementation and proper delivery of live organisms to the intestinal tract replaces valuable organisms lost to these and other factors.

The good news for probiotics is studies consistently show that even huge doses of natural probiotic organisms cause no ill effects for the vast majority of consumers, so there is only upside with few to no side effects.  The challenge is finding probiotic supplements that will survive on the shelf and through the harsh environment of the stomach.

At Replenish the Good®, we use proven processes in all our formulas to ensure extended shelf life, even at room temperature. And all of our non-chewable formulas use the globally patented BIO-tract® delivery technology, which delivers 15x more good bacteria to the gut than other probiotic products. Unlike powders, capsules and cultured foods, BIO-tract® tablets offer protection from damaging stomach acids, then gently release live organisms over time to the upper and lower intestinal tracts for heightened effectiveness.